Frequently asked questions

How can I contact your technical team for Tech-Help in person?

Email: Skype: Please leave your phone number and availabe time, and I will call back within 12h.

Where can I buy your product?

Products can be ordered from and our own site. Please go to the product page to make an order.

How can I place a wholesale order?

If you order more than 20 pcs for 1 SKU, we can offer a better price by sending from our factory. It will be delivered in 1 week. Send the quantity and product photos to

How long does it normally take to process an order?

If you order from, it depends on Amazon FBA. 2 days if you are Prime Member. If you order from our site, a order is delivered within 3 days in the US by USPS.

How can I return and refund?

Within 90-days, please send the product to us and we will refund via Paypal within 2 days after receving the product.

How can I redeem special promotion codes?

Generally, you can input the promotion code before payment and it will discount accordingly. For any problems with it, you can consult (reply within 12h)

Reply in 12 hours


90-day money back

1-year quality warranty

1. Smart Switch

1.1   Single Pole Dimmer




1.2   3-Way Dimmer




1.3    Single Pole Non-Dimmer


1.4    3-Way Non-Dimmer


2. Smart Plug

MJ-V01  |  MJ-V02  | MJ-V03  |  MJ-V04  |  MJ-V05  |  MJ-V06

90-day return and refund

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