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  • Read before installation
    Neutral wire is necessary Switch must work well manually after correct wiring WiFi router must support 2.4G
  • Neutral Wire
    Wires on your switch are live,load, and ground. Neutral wires are not used by your non-smart switch. They are white and capped in the outlet box. If you still have problem, please send photos of the wiring stauts to us via email. Video: How to find a neutral wire?
  • Does the switch work without WiFi?
    Yes, the switch MUST work well manually after correct wiring. It can work as a traditional switch without Wi-Fi.
  • My switch is offline on App. What can I do?
    1. restart your wifi router and switch (press the tiny restart button under power button); 2. If the switch cannot reconnect automatically, please reset the switch to pairing mode, and connect wifi again. You can find out the user manual for wifi connection by switch modelsabove.
  • My wifi router is 2.4G and 5G dual band. Can I use your wifi switches?
    Our wifi switches only support 2.4G wifi. Now dual band wifi router is very common and most of them can set a separate name for 2.4G. You can connect your smartphone with the 2.4G first, then do wifi connection. If you cannot set a separate SSID name for 2.4G, such as google wifi router, you can take your phone to stay far enough to the wifi router until your phone indicates a 2.4G is connected on the wifi setting page. Then, pair your switch at that location.
  • What's the name of your App? Do I have to pay extra money to use it?
    It is a free App on both Appstore and Google Play. No need to pay extra money. Name: Smart Life
  • When I ask Alexa to turn off my "OFF" status dimmer, it will turn on. What is the problem?"
    This is a design bug in the dimmer switches we produced by end of 2020. We have fixed the bug. If you have these products on hand and want to exchange for the new version, please contact our service team via email.
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