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Read before installation

1. Neutral wire is necessary

2. Switch must work well manually after correct wiring

3. WiFi router must support 2.4G

Neutral Wire:

1. Wires on your old switch are live, load, and ground;

2.Neutral wires are not used by your non-smart switch. They are white and capped in the outlet box.

3. If you still have problems, please send photos of the wring status to us via email.

Video: How to find a neutral wire?

Tasmota Version

Q: How can I enable a night light mode?

SmartLife Version

App: SmartLife (iOS and Android)

Voice Platform: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant
Enable "Smartlife" skill on Alexa / Google Assistant for voice control

How-To Videos

 Home Assistant Tasmota Integration (HOW-TO)


How to find a neutral wire?


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How t find a neutral wire?
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