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WiFi Pairing:

Tasmota Version:

1. After wiring, please make sure it works well manually;

2. Find a WiFi (hotspot) like "tasmota-xxx" on your phone;

3. Connect this hotspot and it will direct you to a new page to input your wifi ssid and password (Only 2.4G wifi is supported);

4. Once the ssid and password match, it will link to your wifi router and a new ip address will present on the screen.

It may not direct you to the page thus you need to input it on your brower manually;

If you don't see the new ip address, but the switch linked wifi router already. You need to login your wifi router to find out which ip address was distributed for it.

5. Now, enjoy your device in the local private network.


The switch will be pairing mode once it is power on and cannot find a paired wifi, no need to hold the power button for entering pairing mode.

The template setting for tasmota is set in factory, users don't need to set it.

Need to set MQTT if want to link to other platform like Home Assistant.

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