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Quick Install & Set Up:


1. Installation & Wiring
Hot Live & Load Wire Connected
2. Hub Pairing
​Pair this switch with your Zigbee Hub (SmartLife supported)

Set Up Steps:

1. Wiring the live and load wire;

2. Make sure it can manually control (If not, go back to step 1)


Link to Zigbee Hub

If you are using other Zigbee Hub, please follow their instruction.


3. Open App "SmartLife" and pair it with your SmartLife zigbee hub

(Press the Power button 5-8s for Pairing Mode, red indicators flash quickly)

4. Control by App when your Phone is under 4G status (NOT WiFi)

5. Enable "Smartlife" skill on Alexa / Google Assistant

6. Use voice command to control it via Echo / Google Home

SmartThings hub(from users):

1. Press the reset button at the bottom of the switch for a count of 15.

2. Log into your SmartThings App on your phone.

3. Go into your devices and add device.

4. Scan for nearby devices.

5. Press and hold the power button (bottom part of the paddle) for about 5 seconds, until the reddish colored light starts blinking.

6. Within a few seconds, the new switch should show up in your device list as Zigbee Switch.


Reply in 12 hours



90-day money back

1-year quality warranty


Rated Voltage: 120VAC

Frequency: 60Hz

Current: 10A Max

Voice Platform: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant

App: Smart Life (iOS and Android)


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