Quick Install & Set Up:


1. Installation & Wiring
Hot Live & Load Wire Connected
2. Hub Pairing
​Pair this switch with your Zigbee Hub (SmartLife supported)

Set Up Steps:

1. Wiring the live and load wire;

2. Make sure it can manually control (If not, go back to step 1)

3. Download the App "SmartLife" and pair it with your zigbee hub

(Press the Power button 5-8s for Pairing Mode, red indicators flash quickly)

4. Control by App when your Phone is under 4G status (NOT WiFi)

5. Enable "Smartlife" skill on Alexa / Google Assistant

6. Use voice command to control it via Echo / Google Home


Rated Voltage: 120VAC

Frequency: 60Hz

Current: 10A Max

Voice Platform: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant

App: Smart Life (iOS and Android)


Reply in 12 hours



90-day money back

1-year quality warranty