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New Dimming Method | Single Pole | 2.4G WiFi | Calibration |

  1. LED Dimmer switch: This smart switch implements the Trailing Edge dimmer solution. It is better than other dimmer switches for LED lights. It will bring you a new dimmer experience with larger dimming range, smoother dimming process, and less flickering
  2. Unique Dim Schedule: dim your lights in a period. Say from 6am to 8am, change the brightness from 1% to 80%. This can be one time or repeat schedule.
  3. Other features include: Changeable night light, Adjustable minimum brightness, separate WiFi button, schedule, sharing, home automation
  4. Smart switch dimmer: compatible with Alexa & works with Google Home, Free App for remote control and home automation.
  5. Installation: This smart light switch dimmer is single pole (not 3 way), Neutral wire is required
  6. Wi-Fi: 2.4G wifi Only (not 5G),
  7. Service: Martin Jerry has a professional support team to resolve your tech problems promptly. Emails will be replied every day. For any defective, we offer 30-Day 100% refund, 1-year Quality Warranty

Black Smart Dimmer Switch (Single Pole) | Touch | Model: US-SD-TC01

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