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21. This is a well-made, slim case. With semi-transparent back shell and leather feel smart cover, it provides a 360 degree protection for my iPad from scratches and wear. I selected a black one, the color is simple but durable. It is easy to clean pleasing. 22. After receving the new iPad 2017 version, I was searching for a simple case with a sturdy feel. Gave Martin Jerry PU case a shot and here are my findings. Device I use this case for : IPAD 9.7 inch 2017 Pros 1.Fits SNUG on my iPad 2.Slim but STURDY 3.Magnetic Flap, and put off/wake up my iPad automatically 4. Different stand up options, Horizontal for moving and vertical for reading 5.Slight smell only, doesnt smell like it was just baked fresh 6.Great touch Feel to the cover material. Cons 1.It cannot provide enough protection for dropping from a height over 1.5 m or during running, thus if you often use it on construction site, for hiking, you select another one. Would I recommend this to someone : Yes 23. I like this simple, beautiful, black case. On my hand, the case has just the right feel inside and outside, not too rough or too slick. The cover is made of synthetic leather and the back shell is a plastic semi-trasparent shell. It is sturdy and openings are very precise all features. The logo stamped into the case corner is nicely done, even though this is made out of synthetic leather it gives it a true leather look and feel. This cover fits my iPad (Latest 2017 version of 9.7 inch iPad) like a glove, it is born for my iPad, lol. I had a indestructible case for my previous iPad, some of the things I especially like about this case versus that one are slim and beautiful design, cool stand modes, and the magnetic catch that immediately puts the iPad into sleep mode. I would definitely buy this again, it is a great case with a great price and good quality at the same time. 24. This is my second purchase from Martin Jerry. The first was for my iPad 2. That cover is the same as this one and it has worked well for more than 2 months now. So when I ordered the latest iPad 2017 mode, I at once went to find this one for my new iPad. The iPad slides in perfectly, stays in place, and the cover works very well. I chose the black cover, because it is more durable and also looks great. As a slim design, it does not make the iPad much heavier and gives wonderful protection at the same time. The soft cover offers great scratch protection for the screen and the back of the iPad is also protected by the shell, too! The cutouts are in just the right places and precise for the camera, speakers and other control buttons. You simply cannot ask for a better cover at such a price...and this one was a real bargain.When I received the case, I was really appreciate the care that the designer taken with the production of this item. The material is durable, and the wake up and sleep function is just what it should be. I have recommended Martin Jerry to friends who have purchased also. I cannot say enough good things about this for its high quality and heartily recommend it. 25. The Martin Jerry case fits my ipad (2017 9.7 in) like a glove ! all cut-outs are in the correct place. When taking photos, there is no blockage to the camera lens The stand provided by the cover works great both horizontal view and vertical view this case appears to be adequate for protection so far, especially for scratches, although i haven't dropped it yet. The price is also very good for its design and quality. I will buy it again, in a heartbeat. 26. This is the third Martin Jerry case that I have purchased for our families devices. I bought a case for my son's iPad 3 and my sister's iPad mini 4. Both cases works very well now after more than one month. When I get the new iPad, I definitely come to find a similar case for it. Very glad to see that MartinJerry has the case for the newest iPad at the first time. This a slim and light-weighted design and give great protection of the electronics as well. There are a variety of styles and colors to choose from. I chose the black color, which is more durable and easy for cleaning I believe. I would recommend this product to other consumers. 27. My iPad is the latest version, iPad 2017 9.7 inch. This iPad case is exactly what I was looking for. It's simple, slim, looks fantastic and it fits my iPad like a glove. This case has a good look and feel very comfortable on hand. The built in magnetic strip inside the cover provides the sleep/wake feature when you close / open the case, is great. Overall outstanding value. 28. Good fit for iPad 2017 (9.7 inch). Looks pretty good, I like the slim and light weight design and the cover has a nice feel. The only quibble is that the there are many different stand options and I need to read the guide to get all features. As it is a slim design, it cannot provide a very strong protection from dropping and it is only suitable for home and office use. I've had this for only a few days and will update if it wears poorly or any other problems. 29. Perfectly fit, touch feels good in the hand, love the stars design on the cover. My only complaint (not even worth taking a star off for) is that the magent should be a little stronger though it works well. I haven't had a better case and I'd buy it again when necessary. 30. I bought this case to travel with since it's slim and light weight design. I always use it to watch movies on the plane. While it isn't the sturdiest of the products out there, it more than sufficed for my needs as I mostly use it in the office. It folds nicely, has a good viewing angle when propped for presentation. It can automatically put the ipad to sleep, and protect the Ipad (2017 version 9.7 inch) well. I actually received multiple comments on how nice/chic it looked for its unique stand design. For price I paid, i would highly recommend this case for someone who doesn't want to spend too much money. It's also much more functional than Apple's smart cover. 2 weeks of daily use so far, and I highly recommend it.

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