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11. The case arrived just promptly after I bought my new iPad 2017.I use it every single day, few times had a coffee spilled on the cover, and it is very easy for cleaning, just washed it with a hand soap and has no stains left. I have used it only 2 weeks, and I will update it if have furhter comments. My friend has a blue one for its iPad air2,and it looks very nice. I will buy again in a different color. 12. Although I have not much choice for my new iPad at the stage, I am very fortunate to find a good one. The material feels good and the workmanship looks like an expensive one as well. This is my first time purchase from Martin Jerry, but I am very pleased for its product and service. It is easy to install and remove it from my iPad, the ipad snapped in easily and everything lined up in terms of buttons and ports. It's lightweight, slim, easy to use. I haven't drop tested it as it looks limited protection for dropping. But, with the hard back shell and soft cover, I believe that it'll protect from scratches and minor incidents pretty well. I've used the cover as a stand when watching videos and it works good on stable surfaces like tables and desks. In a all, this is a very valuable case in Amazon. 13. I have been really happy with this iPad case when receiving it and snapped my iPad into. Although it is not a real leather cases, the PU cover looks professional as a real leather and feels very well. But I don't think it can last as long as a real leather case. The back of the case is translucent and will not leave any finger print on it. At the same tim, it's cool to see the Apple logo through the plastic back. It shuts off and wake up the screen on my iPad 2017 version (9.7 inch) when close / open the cover. The most cool thing is that the cover can provide several different stand styles, which is unique and attracting. I am boring with the stand style as the cas in Apple Store. I will definitely introduce Martin Jerry to my friend for the similar cases. 14. When looking online for a case for my new iPad 2017 version, it is very difficult to decide what I want according to the information on line. The description and photos are quite similar amongst different sellers. You can also find 1 star review on the best-selling products. I decided to buy this one is because of the logo of Martin Jerry and its unique stand style. When I opened the package and snapped my new iPad into, it fits my iPad 100% well. All of the bottoms are accessible, and I cannot feel any obstruction when taking a photo. It turns off my iPad when it's closed- without that I'd ALWAYS forget to turn off the ipad when close the cover. It stands up nicely, like in the picture and I can even use it both vertical and horizontal. It is really cool! Overall, it's a fantastic cover, a REALLY great value, and really pretty. 15. This is exactly what I expected for a slim iPad case. The design is concise and elegant as well. The color is presentable, the hard back fits the iPad well and protect it from scratches and wears, the cover feels comfortable and protect the screen well, the stand by the cover works as it claimed. I am very pleased with the case and would order it again when necessary.

16. I bought this case when I was looking for a birthday gift for my 10 year old son. He likes it and the stand style makes he happy and gave into curiosity to develop different stand modes. It looks very nice. It is not bulky. The cover folds over backwards to make a comfortable and convenient horizontal stand for the iPad, but to my surprise it can also stand vertically. The transparent plastic back are exactly as shown in the picture, you can see the Apple logo throuhgt it. The case is strong enough to protect the corners and sides of the iPad from scratches. My son dropped it when playing from the bench to the floor, the case protect the devise well. However, this is not a special anti falling design, and, if the cover is closed, will protect the iPad's screen, from small to moderate bumps. It does not seem to be strong enough to protect the iPad from major blows, so children who are likely to drop their tablet often, or be generally careless with it, may need a stronger case. 17. This cover is the best I've found. This is my third time I ordered a iPad case on Amazon. The semi-transparent plastic back is hard and sturdy. The soft PU cover looks and feels like a real leather onem and the wake up / sleep works as it should be. The magnet is just the right strength and the iPad stand well under different angles on my desk. 18. BEAUTIFUL case. Frankly speaking, this is not a super hard case designed to protect your IPAD from a construction work site. But if you mainly use your iPad at home or in the office, and you are looking for an affordable, cute, and lightweight, this is it. I am a teacher and I have used this iPad to present my PPT to my students everyday for two weeks. The hard plastic part seems perfectly fit my iPad and protect from a slight drop. I really like the cover, which feels good and can provide totally different stand modes, and the color is also very good. 19. For the price, this is a very good cover for my iPad. I had an original Apple brand leather smart cover for my iPad 2. It lasted a good while, but started tearing at the edges. I didn't want to spend too much because Im not sure how much longer I'll have this tablet. This cover by Martin Jerry fits well and looks good. It's definitely not leather but still a good quality plastic and it works like it should. Happy with my purchase.

20. This slim case fits my iPad (2017 released 9.7 inch) perfectly. When I was finding a case for my new iPad, I was a little concerned that the magnet may not strong engough. Well, after using it for few days, I can say that the magnet of the this case works well as it should be. This case is soft leather, it closes like a notebook. When you shut, it sends the device into standby mode and wake up the screen automatically when open it. I think this cover is absolutely well designed and valuable for its low price. It's really a good choice for your iPad.

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