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1. I remember similar Apple cases going for more than $30 years ago when I first got my iPad2. As the iPad2 is too old and slow to run some latest apps, I bought this new iPad, say iPad 2017 this March. The iPad is cheap and powerful enough for my study. This time, I don't want to buy an expensive iPad case again. For $9.9, this works nearly as well as my previous expensive version. With the added back protection, the case is still very slim, which is what I wanted for traveling. 2. Very pretty, and plastic back case clips snugly to the back. Love the slimness, too. The wake/sleep magnet works as cliamed. I have tried folding it to create a stand, and I like the special stand looking.It is quite cool. I planned to buy a heavier and more protective case just like I have for my iPhone 6, but there are not much choice for the new iPad 2017 version now. After using for few days, I am pleased to have such a light, attractive iPad case this time. 3. This case fits perfectly, looks great, stands up the iPad at perfect angle on my desk for typing. The cover feels soft and comfortable, which is what I wanted. And it is translucent on the back of the case so the apple logo shows through. It shuts down the iPad when closed, which is very important for me as my daughter will play my iPad and also forget to power off. It is slim and it adds sufficient protection without the bulk! Great value, great service. In error, I first purchased the wrong version (I purchased the one for iPad pro 9.7 inch), but I was able to return that case with a full refund and order the correct one again. Good service is most appreciated. 4. I received my iPad slim-fit smart case one day ahead of schedule, the delivery by Amazon is very quick during the working day. I ordered my iPad 2017 version from Apple online store as a gif for my sister, and I don’t want to buy a case from Apple. This case arrived earlier than the iPad itself. 5 Star for Amazon's Prime service here. For the iPad case here, it's everything as I expected for its light weight slim design, stand, wake up / sleep function, and the price. Btw, it is the first time I know this brand, Matin Jerry, and it does provide a good product. 5. Pros: 1)This is by far the most valuable iPad case with a stand that I've ever used 2)The cover feels nice 3) the back shell fit my iPad well 4)The magnetic closure also automatically shut down and wake up my iPad 5)The price is quite competitive 6)The case stand is quite charming and stylish 7) The design is also slim, which does not affect the portability of my iPad Cons: 1)The full set of instructions is not included with the product; and you cannot find any contact information with the product 2)Cannot provide enough protection for dropping from height over 1.5 m 3)The case cannot rotate 360 degrees, however I use the stand for moving mostly Summary: Although this case cannot provide a strong protection for dropping or waterproofing, this is a very nice slim and light weighted iPad case I ever had. I compared this case with the Apple original one (over 30USD), and I cannot find the expensive one is more advance. The material feels comfortable and looks durable too. It worth the price. 6. On the whole, this is a really good case. Unlike some sleeve-style cases, it mounts the iPad using a "snap-in" configuration that keeps easy to access to the entire touchscreen. When using a sleeve-type cases, some apps like YouTube that place small icons near the edge of the touch-surface. This also means the speakers, headphone jack, volume buttons and charge port are completely accessible in this case. The camera lens cut-out is also well-designed: the camera is not obscured in any way by the case, and this is quite important for me as I like to take photos by iPad for its big screen. The case itself is sturdy, and has held up well to regular wear-and-tear after 2 weeks of use so far. The stand provided by the cover is smartly designed: it's stable and can stand vertical / transverse as a 360 degree rotate case. There are a few other small improvements that I think could be made as well.It has pros and cons in itself, but I think is much more good than bad. 7. I'm using my iPad with this case to write my review.I brought a the latest iPad 2017 version by end of March and ordered this case from Amazon. I've been using it for several days and it's much better than my expectation. I really like how easily my iPad snaps in and out. It's sturdy and will prevent slipping. I will update this review with any problems or issues that may occur. This case is good . If the price drops again I will likely buy another color as a spare. 8. Bought this for my son to use at school with his Ipad. The case offers a good protection to his iPad and the case itself is very durable. He's been using it every day for about two weeks now and it works as it should be. I would highly recommend this case. 9. The case feels so comfortable on my hand or even against my face. My son gave me smart case ($40) as a New Year Gift in 2015 for my iPad 3rd Generation, and it finally wore out. I bought a new iPad this year as its cheap price for me. When choosing a new case for my new iPad, I searched from Amazon. This isn't exactly the same with my previous one. This has a hard back as well as a smart cover.I like the material of the cover and the stand modes when watching a movie or surfing the Internet. The cover folds easily and stays in place rather than my previous old one slid at times. This is a great case. 10. The case I ordered fits my iPad perfectly and its quite slim, thus I would like to take it all the way when travelling. I ordered a black one. The only concern is that the design is not specially for dropping. However, if you are not carelessness to drop it often, this case would be a good choice for your new iPad. As I haven't dropped it yet, I can't speak too much about it. Btw, when I put the cover close to my noise, it had a unpleasant smell as well. It has dissipated some since opening it two days ago and you do not feel anything when using it. In a word, this is a valuable case for your iPad in 2017.

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